FITT NTS WORK professionalism at the construction site

NTS Work

Ensures flexibility, strength and a constant water flow on the construction site but also for you, the advanced hobbyist

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FITT NTS WORK is the easy to identify orange hose that meets the optical safety and high visibility requirements of building sites. Extremely flexible even at low temperatures and very resistant to adverse conditions and difficult surfaces. High performance guaranteed by the unique and original NTS (No Torsion System) technology developed by FITT twenty-five years ago, and now an international standard.

The No Torsion System makes FITT NTS WORK highly malleable and easy to use, avoiding the formation of knots and twists, therefore ensuring a continuous flow of water. Thanks to the SKY TECH technology, FITT NTS WORK is resistant to cuts and abrasions, and frictionlessly tackles all surfaces, even through corners. Made with a special anti-UV formulation that prevents ageing, FITT NTS WORK is extremely flexible even at low temperatures, yet tough and durable enough to withstand use in construction sites.


Production: manufactured at an energy-efficient plant

Packaging: easily disposable recyclable cardboard disc