7 useful tips on how to water your garden and terrace in a sustainable way
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7 useful tips on how to water your garden and terrace in a sustainable way

It only takes a few steps to save water when watering our green space. In an increasingly environmentally conscious society, avoiding waste of this important resource is becoming essential.

As we know, water is a finite resource and, as with so many aspects of our lives, there are strategies for using less water in the garden. The planet will thank you!

Sustainable watering

There are a number of actions that can be taken to use less water when watering our beloved plants:

  • Collect rain water in water butts to save on drinking water from the drinking water network. The best solution is to channel the water from the roof of the house. To do this, one can resort to the help of a professional.
  • Choose the right time for watering. Vegetables and roses should be watered early in the morning. For lawns and plants, the best time is in the evening, as it will give water the time to run down into the ground.
  • Choose pots that are not very breathable. Terracotta pots, although very beautiful, dry out more quickly.
  • Use the right plant in the right place! You can choose plants that due to their characteristics need little watering.
  • Mulching is a great way to make our green space sustainable. Mulching helps the soil to retain moisture and reduces evaporation. Mulching using leaves or wood chips also helps to feed the soil with organic matter.
  • Repot the plant when it’s almost root bound. The pot must be correctly sized in relation to the plant: if the roots come out of the bottom holes and the plant shows signs of wilting less than 24 hours after watering, it’s time for repotting.
  • Water your flowers and plants with FITT Ikon or FITT Force. Their multi-jet spray gun helps to adjust the water flow and avoid water waste!

Colour your passion with FITT Ikon

A more and more frenetic and ever-changing society is counteracted by the desire to slow things down, to take time to feed our passions and connect more and more with nature. And this is what has brought to the growth of the urban garden trend: actual relax oases that grow on the terraces, balconies and roofs of city buildings.

The current scenario, where respect for the environment, search for sustainable technologies and attention to aesthetic design are becoming more and more important, is the concept behind FITT Ikon, the new extendable hose available in four colours, each one with its own story.

  • Blue: for balance and harmony with the environment and people.
  • Aquamarine: for those who love elegance and beauty.
  • Lavender: for the romantic and creative among us.
  • Lime: for the more daring spirits, young and full of life.

FITT Ikon is the light, compact and extendable hose: as it fills with water, it extends to about twice its initial length, to then return to its original size after use. PVC, phthalate and lead free, this product can be used for watering vegetables and fruit in complete tranquillity on terraces, balconies, small gardens, and even inside the home.

FITT Ikon comes with fittings and multi-jet spray gun, designed in collaboration with Centro Stile MOMODESIGN and made using high-quality materials. It’s designed not only for watering small gardens, terraces and balconies, but also for cleaning, washing and for taking on holiday.

FITT Force for intensive use

With a large garden, moving long hoses can be difficult. FITT has developed a stronger and lighter hose for intensive use: FITT Force. It’s made using an innovative thermoplastic rubber (TPV) that allows to use 50% less raw material than traditional garden hoses. This makes it three times more compact and twice as light as traditional garden hoses. It’s flat and compact when stored away, but thanks to the pressure of water takes on the classic round garden hose shape when in use.

FITT Force

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