FITT Yoyo Up

Lightweight and compact extensible hose complete with fittings, spray gun and accessory for hanging it

Euginius-White Extendable, light and compact

Available in

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Complete System

Kit with Multi-Jet Gun with mouldable jet that allows you to nebulize, wash and water according to your needs.  YOYO UP has a handy accessory to hook YOYO to taps, fences and railings in a fast and easy way, or to store it in an orderly manner between uses. The set is completed by 2 Aquastop fittings that block the flow of water when the hose is removed from the tap.

Features and performance

This garden hose stretches and shortens by itself during use, returning to its natural shape without twisting, bending or knotting. No losses thanks to quality materials. The length declared on the packaging is the extended one, that means the length that the hose can reach under pressure and when water flows through it

This hose is suitable for

watering and for taking care of flowers and plants on the terrace, but also for washing outdoor furniture, for cleaning cars, bicycles, toys, for taking camping and on a boat and even for washing your pet


5 years


  • What is the length of the hose?

    The initial length of the hose is approximately half the length indicated on the package. After a few uses with domestic water pressure (on average around 3 bar), FITT Yoyo will stretch to about twice its original length.

  • Yes, it is possible to connect two FITT Yoyo to each other. To do this, you will need to purchase a simple fitting with two male ends.
    Remember that increasing the length can reduce the water flow rate and the ability of the hose to extend, even if only slightly.

  • Yes, it is possible to replace the fittings, the nozzle or the gun.

  • If the holes are at the end of the hose and near the fittings, we recommend to cut off the damaged section and reconnect the fittings.
    If the holes are in the middle of the hose, FITT Yoyo can be repaired using the mender kit.

  • Yes, you can connect FITT Yoyo to the delivery of a pump (not at the suction) with a maximum operating pressure of 4 bar. You can also use FITT Yoyo to feed your domestic pressure washer (maximum flow rate 600l/h max).
    We advise to always check the characteristics of the pressure washer.

  • The properties of FITT Yoyo do not make the hose suitable for use with a hose trolley.

  • We do not recommend dragging FITT Yoyo on very sharp (e.g. rose bushes or plants with thorns) and abrasive (e.g. asphalt) surfaces/areas.


FITT features an innovative technology that guarantees high resistance to various stresses combined with exceptional lightness. Thanks to the highly advanced materials, the product is extremely compact, lightweight and easy to handle. FITT YOYO is ideal for small spaces, such as small gardens, terraces, balconies, and thanks to the Aquastop system, which prevents water leaks, can be comfortably used inside your home. Available in various sizes and with accessories

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