With FITT NTS MASTER PLUS performance reaches a new level

FITT NTS Master Plus

Great malleability, strength and continuous water flow during all your watering activities, even the most demanding.


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FITT NTS MASTER PLUS is a garden hose that is even more malleable and resistant, for professional use in large spaces and vegetable gardens.

The two-fold NTS PLUS (No Torsion System) technology reflects in its much increased performance, with greater resistance to water pressure and expansion, preventing the formation of knots and twists, and ensuring a continuous flow of water even in the most demanding conditions.

Thanks to the SKY TECH technology, FITT NTS MASTER PLUS is resistant to cuts and abrasions, and frictionlessly tackles all surfaces, even through corners.

Extremely flexible even at low temperatures, FITT NTS MASTER PLUS features a special anti-UV formulation that prevents ageing.

Equipped with an innovative kit consisting of a multi-jet spray gun and quick connectors, FITT NTS MASTER PLUS meets the most stringent requirements of professional gardeners and nurseries, but also of the most demanding hobbyists.


Fittings: replaceable in two quick moves, easily separable and disposable, for the correct recycling and recovery of the raw materials

Production: realizzato in uno stabilimento ad alta efficienza energetica

Packaging: easily disposable and recyclable cardboard disc