Resistant and versatile hose suitable for use in boats and harbours


Euginius-White Resistant to sea water and saltiness

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Features and performance

6 performance layers hose with an inner black layer that prevents the formation of algae, and materials treated to ensure resistance to UV rays, and high and low temperatures: -20°/+60°C

This hose is suitable for

intensive use, specifically for marine applications, washing and cleaning. For carrying water even in saline environments


Thanks to the unique and original NTS mesh technology by FITT, FITT NTS MARINE is malleable and does not knot or twist: the water flow is always perfect and constant, even in intensive conditions of use. The hose external surface features the SKY TECH technology, which increases cut and abrasion resistance and helps the hose slide on all surfaces, including corners


30 years


  • Yes, it is possible to connect two FITT NTS to each other. To do this, you will need to purchase a simple fitting with two male ends.

  • Yes, it is possible to replace the fittings, the nozzle or the gun.

  • If the holes are at the end of the hose and near the fittings, we recommend to cut off the damaged section and reconnect the fittings.

  • Yes, you can use FITT NTS with a hose trolley.

  • Yes, you can use FITT NTS on gravel or a particularly rough surface.


Pure white hose for use in the boating sector, perfect for boats of all types and use at docks, marinas and harbours. Also recommended for swimming pools and sports facilities. Strong and malleable. For intensive use even in contact with seawater. Featuring exclusive technologies.

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