FITT Force with nozzle

Garden hose resistant and light, with fittings and nozzle

Euginius-White Light, compact and resistant, reduces CO2e emissions by 43%

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Complete system

Nozzle developed with adjustable cone, compact and ergonomic shape and excellent grip. Easy-to-replace connectors, leakproof and with no-bend collar which guarantees great performances

Features and performance

FITT FORCE hose is 2 times lighter and 3 times more compact, therefore simple to use even in the more extreme situations

This hose is suitable for

Intensive use in orchards and large gardens


Thanks to the NTS mesh, unique and original, FITT FORCE is a hose that offers extreme malleability, prevents the formation of tangle and twists, guaranteeing constant water flow. The use of HD-TECH technology guarantees great resistance. FITT FORCE can be used also in extreme situations and with abrasive surfaces; moreover, thanks to the highly-evolved materials, it remains always flexible and malleable even during the winter period

Certifications and safety

FITT FORCE is phthalate and PVC-free for your safety, and contains only highly-evolved materials


30 years


  • Yes, it is possible to connect two FITT Force to each other. To do this, you will need to purchase a simple fitting with two male ends.
    Remember that increasing the length can reduce the water flow rate, even if only slightly.

  • Yes, it is possible to replace the fittings, the nozzle or the gun.

  • If the holes are at the end of the hose and near the fittings, we recommend to cut off the damaged section and reconnect the fittings.

  • Yes, you can connect FITT Force to the delivery of a pump (not at the suction) with a maximum operating pressure of 7 bar. You can also use FITT Force to feed your domestic pressure washer (maximum flow rate 600l/h max).
    We advise to always check the characteristics of the pressure washer.

  • Yes, you can use FITT Force with a hose trolley.

  • Yes, you can use FITT Force on gravel or a particularly rough surface.


FITT has an innovative technology that guarantees high resistance to multiple situations combined with exceptional lightness. Thanks to the highly advanced materials, the product is extremely compact, lightweight and easy to handle but at the same time durable. FITT FORCE is ideal for medium-large spaces such as gardens and vegetable gardens. Suitable too for professional uses in greenhouses or construction sites. Available in various sizes, diameters and colors to meet all kinds of needs

Responsible product

The production of FITT FORCE reduces CO2e emissions by 43% when compared with a traditional FITT NTS hose.

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