FITT ECODROP, the irrigation micro-porous soaker hose that avoids wastage


Micro-porous soaker hose for localised drip irrigation both underground and above ground. Up to 70%. water savings

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FITT ECODROP is a micro-porous soaker hose ideal for underground, surface and localised drip irrigation. Its structure with tiny pores allows water to be released by exudation.

The water droplets that escape through the pores ensure that the soil is kept evenly moist at all times.

FITT ECODROP saves up to 70% water due to the elimination of the evaporation effect. Indicated for flower beds, vegetable gardens and small green spaces. This product is safe because it is manufactured using materials from a controlled supply chain that make it compliant with current REACh/RoHS regulations


Product: made from up to 50% post-industrial recycled rubber powder

Water savings: up to 70% due to the elimination of the evaporation effect

Packaging: easily disposable recyclable cardboard disc