FITT Ecodrop Kit

Micro-porous soaker hose for irrigation both underground and above ground

Euginius-White Reduces water consumption by up to 70%

Available in

1,00 All prices include VAT

Complete system

Including 1 pressure reducer with quick fitting and 1 sealing plug. The pressure reducer ensures an even water flow along the whole length of the hose

Features and performance

Made from materials treated to increase UV resistance and prevent the formation of algae

Indications for use

Featuring tiny surface pores that allow water to be distributed by exudation, creating a continuous and even moisture line along its length

This hose is suitable for

Gardening applications, for the localised irrigation of vegetable gardens and small green spaces


5 years



Micro-porous soaker hose that allows slow and uniform irrigation by exuding water through a series of small holes. Used under or above ground, it is suitable for localized irrigation of gardens and orchards (hedges, bushes, flower beds or lawns) allowing high water savings when compared with traditional irrigation systems (up to 70% water savings). Specifically indicated for gardening applications, for the localised watering of vegetable gardens and small green spaces.

Sustainable irrigation

Up to 70% water savings due to the elimination of the evaporation effect

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