FITT ASPIRFLEX, safe and easy water drain


Quick and safe connection to water suction pumps

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FITT ASPIRFLEX, connected to drain and irrigation pumps, is the ideal hose for suctioning rainwater and water from ponds, streams, wells and cisterns, even at great depths. FITT ASPIRFLEX is capable of draining large quantities of water in a short time, such as in case of sudden flooding.

The Polyfusion Tech technology guarantees absolute water tightness of the hose-fitting coupling, preventing water leaks that could compromise appropriate pump operation. FITT ASPIRFLEX is a complete system, with a suction filter fitted with back flow preventer, suitable for use with all the conventional pumps available on the market.

Hose ready for use hose with various types of connections: Male 1 inch (1″) Female 1 inch (1″) Female 1 and a quarter inch (1″1/4)


Production: manufactured at an energy-efficient plant

Packaging: easily disposable recyclable cardboard disc