With FITT Yoyo watering your passions has never been easier!


Ease and practicality for your passions, from small gardens to balconies, to outdoor leisure activities.


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FITT Yoyo is the red, light, compact and multi-purpose hose that comes with its own fittings and multi-jet spray gun.
The ideal choice, not just for watering terraces and small gardens, but also for cleaning outdoor spaces, washing the car, the bicycle and even the dog.

The Aquastop system prevents unpleasant water spills, making it possible to also use FITT Yoyo indoors.
As it fills with water, FITT YOYO extends to about twice its normal length, to then return to its original size after use.


Material: thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which allows to reduce the quantity of raw material used by 70% whilst ensuring the same efficiency as standard PVC hoses.

Logistics: 50% less space in storage, on the shelf and inside the transport vehicle.