How to water plants while on holiday: traditional and DIY methods

It is holiday travel time, everything is ready to go, but there are things we can’t take with us, plants for example.

If we don’t have neighbours to water them, what can we do to find them healthy and thriving when we return?

Just follow some simple directions and your plants will never miss you!

First of all, we must not leave houseplants in the dark. Indeed, we must remember to leave at least one shutter or blind open.

If we decide to move the plants to the balcony or terrace, we must place them close to each other and, preferably, in a shady area so as to create a moist microclimate.

Remember to place some pots or containers filled with water to their side, whether the plants are indoors or outdoors: the pots of water, by evaporating, will help maintain a moist climate.

After these first steps, let’s move on to traditional and DIY methods for holiday irrigation.

The best known method is the communicating siphon.

What does it involve?

Just take a bottle or bucket, fill them with water and place them at a higher height than the pot. Next, take some braided wool or cotton yarn pieces, moisten them and put one end in the water of the bottle or bucket, and the other end inside the pot’s soil at a level of 2 or 3 centimetres. If the plant pot is very large, we recommend using more yarns inserted in different places.

Another traditional technique for watering plants when we are not at home is that of the perforated bottle.

What does it involve?

Basta bucare il tappo e il fondo di bottigliette di

Just pierce the cap and the bottom of plastic bottles, insert the neck into the ground of the pot and, once again, make sure that a constant, continuous irrigation takes place.

These techniques work if our absence will not exceed three weeks. Otherwise, we’ll have to find a neighbour or a trusted friend to take care of our plants.

Once we return home, we can resume watering our indoor or outdoor balcony plants with FITT Ikon, the lightweight, compact, extendable hose.

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