FITT Ikon: colour your passion thanks to the evolution of the extendable hose
FITT Ikon-tubo estensibile acquamarine

FITT Ikon: colour your passion thanks to the evolution of the extendable hose

A more and more hectic and ever-changing society is counteracted by a desire to slow things down, to take time to feed our passions and connect more and more with nature.

And this is what has brought to the growth of the urban garden trend: actual relax oases that grow on the terraces, balconies and roofs of city buildings.

The current scenario, where respect for the environment, search for sustainable technologies and attention to aesthetic design are becoming more and more important, is the concept behind FITT Ikon, the new extendable hose available in four colours, each one with its own story.

  • Blue: for balance and harmony with the environment and people.
  • Aquamarine: for those who love elegance and beauty
  • Lavender: for the romantic and creative among us.
  • Lime: for the more daring spirits, young and full of life.

FITT Ikon is the light, compact and extendable hose: as it fills with water, it extends to about twice its initial length, to then return to its original size after use.
FITT Ikon has 3 TPE layers, two internal yarn braids that control expansion and extension, and a distinctive coloured cover that is resistant to abrasion and ageing.

PVC, phthalate and lead free, FITT Ikon can be used for watering vegetables and fruit in complete tranquillity on terraces, balconies, small gardens, and even inside the home.

FITT Ikon comes with fittings and multi-jet spray gun, designed in collaboration with Centro Stile MOMODESIGN and made using high-quality materials that ensure greater resistance to UV rays.

The multi-jet spray gun is covered with soft non-slip rubber for easy and safe grip even with wet hands, a control ring nut for selecting among several types of jets the one that best meets the specific watering or washing needs, and a flow modulator for the adjustment of the water jet intensity with one finger. The quick fittings are also covered with soft rubber, to ensure a stable and fast grip with wet hands, and feature a patented high seal compression system that prevents dripping and makes FITT Ikon even suitable for indoor use.

IFITT Icon also has a special eye for the environment: the hose is in fact made using compatible thermoplastic materials, recyclable and easily disposable. The compression system of the fittings, which can be easily separated from the hose, prevents wasting even one single drop of water. In addition, the compact carton packaging also has great logistic advantages: FITT Ikon takes up less space in the warehouse, on the shelf and inside the transport vehicle.

FITT Ikon is designed not only for watering small gardens, terraces and balconies, but also for cleaning, washing and for taking on holiday.


With FITT Ikon, colouring your passions has never been easier.

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