FITT Force: the strongest and lightest garden hose for intensive use

FITT Force: the strongest and lightest garden hose for intensive use

Watering large vegetable or ornamental gardens and working on abrasive surfaces with high risk of damage are now quick and easy tasks with FITT Force: the FITT hose for intensive use.

Made in Italy, twice lighter and three times more compact than traditional PVC hoses, FITT Force is also suitable for trolley use.

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FITT Force is flat when not in use, but takes on the classic round garden hose shape when filled with water. And once the water flow stops, FITT Force returns to its initial size, making it compact, easy to handle and store.

FITT Force is the result of two innovative technologies: HD-TECH, with extremely high abrasion resistance and puncture proof, and double NTS mesh, for flexibility, ease of handling, and continuous water flow thanks to the absence of kinks and twists even at low temperatures (-40°C).

PVC, phthalate and lead free, FITT FORCE can be used for watering vegetables and fruit in complete tranquillity in any season.

FITT Force is available in a hose only version and two hose and accessories versions: one with the FITT Ready kit, consisting of a multi-jet spray gun and fittings, and another with a compact nozzle and fittings. Both were designed in collaboration with Centro Stile MOMODESIGN

The multi-jet spray gun has an ergonomic handle covered with soft rubber for easy and safe grip even with wet hands, a ring control that allows selection of several types of jets – powerful and energetic, delicate, uniform and precise -, and a flow modulator for the adjustment of the water jet intensity (from very strong to light), depending on needs.

The nozzle has a compact and ergonomic shape that makes it practical and easy to handle. The continuous jet and high-water flow cone can be adjusted for any needs. The soft rubber coating and non-slip texture offer maximum comfort even with wet hands.
Also the fittings are covered with soft rubber for solid and quick grip even with wet hands. They have a no-bend collar that prevents chocking and impairing of the water flow, and a high efficiency compression system that prevents dripping. Thanks to this leak prevention compression system, FITT Force can therefore also be used in closed environments, such as greenhouses and garages.
Moreover, any damaged fittings can be replaced with two simple steps.

FITT Force also has a special eye for the environment: the hose is in fact made using compatible thermoplastic materials, which are therefore recyclable and easy to dispose of. The packaging is made of recycled cardboard, and the fitting compression system, which can be easily separated from the hose, prevents wasting even one single drop of water.

Resistant to pressures up to 20 bar and to extreme temperatures (-40°C + 80°C), FITT Force is the highly efficient hose that can be used all year, for all the watering and cleaning activities and in all working environments.


Add endurance and strength to your outdoor activities.

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