Ecodesign is a design method that considers the environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle, from its inception to its end.

By taking into account durability, repairability, upgradeability and recyclability, this method makes it possible to both reduce the impact of production and reduce the amount of waste generated.


We are committed to complying with market studies on chemical and product safety; to guaranteeing the durability of products throughout the life intended by the application, maximising performance levels to ensure the longest possible life; to manufacturing products that can be repaired by the user.

Chemical and product safety are for us of the utmost importance, which is why we strive to meet market standards. We develop each product so that performance and durability are guaranteed for as long as possible and, with a view to minimising waste, we make  products that are easy to repair.


We are committed to choosing the best materials in order to minimise their use and therefore the environmental impact; to considering packaging as a useful tool for transporting and preserving the product, limiting its use to the minimum necessary; to finding solutions that minimise the space taken up by the products during transport, in order to limit CO2eq emissions during handling.

We take great care in the selection of raw materials, with the object of minimising the quantities used and therefore environmental impact. We also place the utmost importance on packaging design. Packaging materials, essential for the transport and preservation of the products, are used in the smallest quantities necessary and are optimised to reduce space requirements during transport, therefore limiting CO2eq emissions.


We are committed to promoting the use of second-life materials; to favouring materials for which an established recycling chain already exists and creating or promoting the creation of new chains; to ensuring the use of single-component design solutions that can be easily separated to facilitate future recyclability.

We favour the use of second-life materials, giving preference to those for which an established recycling chain already exists. In some cases, we encourage or create new ones. To simplify future recyclability, we also design single-component solutions that can be easily separated.

Your responsible choice

We map CO2e emissions through the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and reduce them. We design solutions to promote water efficiency and reduce waste. We make products that can be repaired and use recycled plastic.
A responsible choice that, from today, can also be yours.

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